Hosting & Workshops

I've been hosting events, speaking, coaching and running workshops for over twenty years in different capacities. In 2004-2008, I founded Youth Out Loud and ran a yearly event at Dundas Square and Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto that included a large full scale stage event with guest speakers, artists, musicians and performers, and directed/hosted the annual event to raise awareness about child abuse, sexual violence and youth rights.  


Over the years it became important to get out into the streets, to demonstrate, stand in solidarity with people of all genders, races and backgrounds. For many years I was a part of the collective of voices that fought for our rights as LGBT people in the 90s up to this day. My heart is also deeply invested in speaking up and out about women's rights, pay equity, anti-violence issues, equal representation and protections of people who need all of us to stand in solidarity- particularly our youth.


Hosting and public speaking events include: York pLayer video awards, Youth Out Loud, May Be Me Campaign, Walk a Mile In Her Shoes, International Women's Day, George Brown workshops, REEL Canada, Stop The Silence campaign (U.S.), Equality Now, Stop The War, and more. 


*If you are looking to book for a hosting gig, please do so through the Contact page, or through Manager Gayle Abrams, at OAZ agency:

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